Roof, Driveway and Patio Cleaning Specialists in County Wexford

If you need a local and experienced cleaning specialist who can clean down your roof, fix your driveway, seal your tarmac driveway or remove moss and algae off your walling, call A Class Cleaning Services in County Wexford.

They have their own trained and professional team, guaranteeing a high-quality job every time. Each member of A Class Cleaning is covered by public liability and is safe pass certified to work on any residential or industrial building.

Learn about their roof washing services in County Wexford, gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning in County Wexford or patio cleaning services in County Wexford.

Class Cleaning Services

Their roofing restoration services include cleaning down old roofs, removing moss and algae, treating roofs and cleaning out guttering systems.

For every roof cleaning project, they assess the roof and the material of the tiles and from their 20+ years of experience, they will let you know which cleaning method is most suitable for your roof and why.

They service Ballycarney, Wexford Town, New Ross, Duncannon, Blackwater, Gorey, Inch and other nearby areas.

One of the most common problems affecting your house in County Wexford is red algae which occur on pebble dashed and rendered walling. You can often see the effects of red algae on gable ends on houses where the algae thrive from the lack of sun.

On top of their power washing and soft washing services, they provide a roof painting and exterior walling painting service in County Wexford, which can be undertaken directly after cleaning the surface.

If you have had your driveway cleaned, they recommend sealing it using either a stone impregnator or tarmac sealer to restore its colour and elasticity.

In County Wexford, you can call the A Class Cleaning Service team on 053 9011600 to get a free estimate for cleaning your roof, walling, driveway, or patio in County Wexford.

Driveway Cleaning Services in County Wexford | Tarmac, Paving, Concrete

We provide a high-quality driveway cleaning and restoration service in County Wexford. Our team can clean, seal and restore any driveway surface, from block paved driveways to tarmacadam and concrete driveways.

In County Wexford, most of our enquiries for pressure washing and driveway cleaning in County Wexford are either for paving refurbishment or tarmac restoration.

Driveway Cleaning

All the work is directly carried out by our team, which is fully trained in driveway cleaning and applying our quality paving sealants.

We ensure that every driveway refurbishment project we do in County Wexford is carried out with as little disruption as possible. Most of the time, we can complete a driveway renovation in under a day.

The pressure washing equipment used by our professional installers is powerful enough to wash off the most stubborn dirt or grime and will remove any moss or algae from the paved surface.

All our driveways are treated to remove the old moss and algae before they are power-washed down and cleaned. Depending on the type of driveway surface, we can use either our high-pressure cleaning system or our soft washing system.

As an extra option, we can seal the newly cleaned surface to keep it looking good for longer and prevent the regrowth of weeds/algae.

Along with our driveway cleaning services, we provide a roof cleaning service in County Wexford and a patio cleaning service in County Wexford as well.

Call A Class Cleaning Services on 053 9011600 for a free driveway cleaning estimate in County Wexford.


Experts at Power Washing Patios and Garden Areas in County Wexford

If your old patio is looking worn down, why not call the patio cleaning team at A Class Cleaning Services in County Wexford.

We provide patio cleaning services ranging from power washing down concrete slabbing to soft washing natural stone and granite stone patios.

Patio Cleaning

Our treatment system safely removes moss and algae, ensuring a long-lasting effect against regrowth on your patio.

If the patio has been worn down for a significant period or manufactured garden paving, we recommend having your patio sealed to protect it against further weather damage.

This will impregnate the concrete and not only restore colour but will also help to prevent further damage to your patio.

Patio Cleaning and Sealing in County Wexford

If your patio slabbing is a natural stone, it's incredible what a simple restoration can do to the patio area. We guarantee that once we have cleaned off your old natural stone and grouted it, it will look like a new patio fitted for you in County Wexford.

Along with patio renovation and cleaning services, we provide a driveway cleaning service in County Wexford and roof washing service in County Wexford as well.

For a free estimate on patio cleaning in County Wexford, call A Class Cleaning Services on 053 9011600

Gutters, Soffits and Fascia Cleaning in County Wexford

Our gutter cleaning solutions in County Wexford provide a comprehensive service for unblocking your gutters, power washing them and leaving them looking like new! This includes the back boarding, soffits and fascia to ensure you a clean and fully functioning gutter system.

No job too large or small for our cleaning team with options for not only cleaning the gutters but also providing a comprehensive roof cleaning service in County Wexford as well.

The benefits of choosing us for gutter cleaning in County Wexford:

This gutter cleaning service in County Wexford comes with many advantages!

Our team works hard and professionally to ensure 100% customer satisfaction on all our gutter washing and cleaning projects in County Wexford. We can supply our own water and can dispose of all the rubbish which means we can just get on and get it done without any stress to you.

Small problems can often lead to bigger ones if not caught in time, so by getting your gutters cleaned regularly, you can keep ahead of any problems and nip them in the bud before they progress to something more serious.

A Class Cleaning Services in County Wexford offer a comprehensive gutter cleaning service in County Wexford, our team of professionals has cleaned all types of gutters, including uPVC, galvanise and cast iron.

Book a free gutter cleaning quote now in County Wexford by calling our team on 053 9011600.

Roof Cleaning, Roof Tile Painting and Red Algae Removal in County Wexford

Call us today at County Wexford to find out about our affordable roof cleaning cost. Our roof cleaning team in County Wexford will wash your roof, removing all the moss and algae gathered on the roof.

Our roof cleaning team can work on all types of roofs in County Wexford, ranging from flat roofs to pitch roofs, slate tiling and composite tiled roofs in County Wexford. This cleaning service includes the pre-treatment of roof tiles to remove all the moss and algae.

Cleaning Roofs

If your roof is overgrown by algae or moss, it must be thoroughly cleaned. If you do not clean your roof, the moss will continue to slide and block up your entire guttering system, which can cause severe damage.

We recommend sealing your roof tiles once they have been cleaned. This will help prevent moss and algae from growing back while ensuring protection against the weather.

Along with sealing the roof tiles, we also provide options for colouring. Our roof tile painting colours include slate, terracotta, grey, brown and red.

Roof Cleaning and Painting in County Wexford

Another common problem with houses in County Wexford is red algae. This commonly occurs on gable ends or pebble dashed walling where the sun does not regularly shine on it.

It can be treated and left to dry, ensuring the algae is killed off before we clean it down and remove any grime and dirt on the wall.

On delicate pebble dashed areas, we will employ a soft wash treatment to ensure no flaking or damage to the finish on the wall.

We provide other renovation and cleaning services in County Wexford, including cleaning driveways in County Wexford and patio cleaning in County Wexford.

Our soft wash system is done with a hose and specially formulated soft brushes, whilst our hardwashing system uses a 5000 PSI pressure washing system.

Call A Class Cleaning Services on 053 9011600 for a free estimate on house roof cleaning and shed cleaning in County Wexford.